First class achievement and network in Adjusting firms

From wherever gives us a order, we will calculate an appropriate insurance amount with speedy manner by homogenized adjusting.

We carry out adjusting business by Osaka and Tokyo headquarters and 8 branches at major cities covering Japan. Further, we have alliance with another adjusting firm, which made us covering from Okinawa to Hokkaido that once a claim occurs, we do our best to go to the site with speedy manner and carry out the adjusting work to figure out the damaged status and recovery prospect promptly. If an insurer(insurance company) has its own network, we go to their offices to station there for a certain period to keep the adjusting quality homogenized.

Once a wide area disaster occurs, We shall deal with it using our original mobility.

In case an unexpected and devastating disaster once occurs such as earthquake, we have EMP system to helping out a non-life insurance company to set up a local emergency headquarters. We secure some experienced architects, etc. as gwide area disaster surveyors,h and they go to the site with adjusters immediately after the damage occurs. With two different divisions of site survey team and report creating team system, they can improve the adjusting workfs quality and the system supports to carry out the appropriate adjusting work and making a decision of insurance amount smoothly.
*Disaster program needs a contract beforehand.

We carry out appraisals of objects such as buildings, fine arts, and computers
By our experts with full experiences and knowledge.

We are also the 1st grade architect firm and work out the adjusting work together with in-house 1st grade architects who know the building from A to Z. As an experienced adjusting firm to do the accurate adjusting work, we have been trusted by people in related area. To deal with various object to appraise, we have set up a good network for computers, fine arts, pictures, jewelry, furs, Kimonos, plants and maritime affairs, therefore we can be able to do the accurate appraisal quickly.

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