As a professional to offer the top quality loss adjusting service

Uchiyama Loss Adjusting is a company to provide a necessary survey at the site of loss and carry out a loss adjusting service to support general insurance in gunderwritingh and gpaymenth of the claim in two phases.

Since our establishment in 1935, as a pioneer independent claim agent in Japan, we have had 80th anniversary in 2015.

Structural reform of Japanese insurance industry, such as liberalization of insurance, has triggered the recent trend to expand loss adjustersf role as a result. I am confident that the recent circumstance will give us more opportunity in expanding our business activities.

While many Japanese non-life insurance companies have integrated and expanded their corporate scale, I feel that these giant corporations pursue adjusting firms that can respond them in quick manner to offer stable service. Uchiyama Loss Adjusting is one of the most prominent adjusting firms to act in such circumstances.

We sincerely hope to listen to a customerfs voice carefully and work hard to meet a customerfs need always. Our aim is to contribute to the society through loss adjusting service.

We wish to express our deepest condolences to those who passed away by the Tohoku Earthquake and pray that the reconstruction of the disaster area shall go forward while the human social bond is reaffirmed.

Makoto Uchiyama

President and CEO
Uchiyama Loss Adjusting Co., Ltd

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